Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summertime, and we've got air conditioning!

Although the Ross Museum will be closed until August 23rd, there are 2 other great exhibits open on campus:

Louise Captein, The Remarkable Suppleness of Shapes, is on view in Beeghly Library in the Gallery 2001 space (right when you walk in the doors). Louise makes postcard sized paper collages, then creates large oil paintings from them. Both the paintings AND the original small collages are on display until September 20th.

Lorraine Torrence, Checkerboard Musings, is on view in Mowry Alumni Center (directly across from Beeghly Library) until September 16th, and features art quilts. Lorraine is an OWU alumna, and teaches extensively around the country.

So beat the heat, and check out some free art exhibits!