Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dreams, awe and shadows

Our latest exhibits here at the Ross Museum focus on memories, half-hidden and fleeting, in a variety of ways. Husband and wife artists Elizabeth and John Fergus-Jean present installation, photographs and photos on metal in varying themes that all deal with our memory.

Elizabeth Fergus-Jean has installed Dreamscape in the Kuhlman Gallery, featuring real branches festooned with paperclay canoes to transport the viewer.

John Fergus-Jean invites the viewer into the hallway with a modern take on a 19th century photographic technique in his exhibit Penumbrae and layers multiple images into a shadowy new viewpoint.

Elizabeth Fergus-Jean shares her photography under her pseudonym Izze Frances in the West Gallery, presenting black and white images of classic spots around the world in a dreamlike style under the title Awe.

All three exhibits are open until 5pm on Thursday, December 18th, so please stop by for a visit!